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On this Wednesday get ready to feel like you are preparing for your college exams with UCL My Text In Your Handwriting.  It is about some amazing work at the University College London.

The “UCL computer scientists have developed software which may spark the comeback of the handwritten word by analysing the handwriting of any individual and accurately replicating it.” 

You’ll want to watch this fascinating video that takes you through how the team at UCL are working on a new system called “My Text in Your Handwriting”.  

It is a “programme which semi-automatically examines a sample of a person’s handwriting, which can be as little as one paragraph, and generates new text saying whatever the user wishes, as if the author had handwritten it themselves.”

The TrendinTech article by L. Johnson New Handwriting Algorithm Replicates Writing  has a great summary on it.

Also, the August 12 engadget.com article by Nick Summers has an article on it too that you will want to check out.  “A computer program that can replicate your handwriting”.  It isA custom algorithm is able to scan what you’ve written on a piece of paper and then reproduce your style, to an impressive degree, using whatever words you wish.”

From UCL – “There are many scenarios where we wish to imitate a specific author’s pen-on-paper handwriting style. Rendering new text in someone’s handwriting is difficult because natural handwriting is highly variable, yet follows both intentional and involuntary structure that makes a person’s style self-consistent”.  …   The UCL 19 page pdf goes into great detail.

Thank you for joining me today.   I’m going to have to find out if they can replicate the ink splatters from our fountain pens too!   For now I’m closing today’s daily blog post with “Class dismissed!” 

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