Anchor Brown Kraft Envelope Stickers Déjà vu

Perched amid my letter writing desk, pens, and stationery I’m finding my Anchor Brown Kraft Envelope Stickers perfect for sealing my letters. And with it this Déjà vu about them!

Anchor Brown Kraft Envelope Stickers

Last August, my order arriving in the mail from ctdsshopsupply have been a fun item to include with my letter writing this month with #InCoWriMo 2018.  The owner of the shop is Catherine Trudel Design Studio out of Ottawa, Canada.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Anchor Brown Kraft Envelope Stickers from ctdsshopsupply. You can click on this image to link to their Etsy Shop.

“These cute 34mm circle stickers feature an anchor printed in black. Great for sealing envelopes, cards, packages, favour bags. 

QUANTITY 60pcs (6 sheets of 10)
SIZE 34mm
MATERIAL brown kraft sticker, black ink”

There is also a Nautical anchor return address label sticker brown kraft offering!

Anchor Brown Kraft Envelope Stickers Déjà vu

In recalling receiving my order, it with shipping on August 17, 2017, it was a joy opening it upon arrival in perfect condition. For some reason, I kept thinking I had already been blogging about them; however, I’m not finding a blog post for them anywhere here at AnchoredScraps! With today being daily blog post #1076 I am really happy to be including them PRIOR to my third year anniversary on February 26th later this month!

Here’s to a great week ahead! Join me tomorrow as we greet the first Tuesday for February 2018.

Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today
Anchors, Anchors, and more Anchors – From my January 4, 2018, blog post showing this WAX Seal Sticker with Anchor. I love these from the ThePeacocksStash, is the Anchor Wax Seal Sticker.”

34mm round anchor brown kraft sticker 60pcs, image, excerpt, ctdsshopsupply Etsy

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