Boo-ti-ful Cards and Letters

Today we are pausing from baseball with this reminder for sending out any Boo-ti-ful Cards and Letters for Halloween next Monday.
It was a lot of fun for me to get to use up today almost all of my new 2016 Jack O Lanterns Forever Halloween Stamps.  We are looking today at the Halloween Capital Pictorial Postmark you can still request.

2016 Jack O Lanterns Forever Halloween StampsWe covered these 2016 Jack O Lanterns Forever Halloween Stamps on October 3rd, 2016.

There are several options in front of us including getting off into the mail by tomorrow, Friday, so it is date stamped prior to Halloween.  

There is the option to send off to get a special pictorial Halloween postmark and that in itself is so much fun that it arriving after Halloween really won’t be noticed, especially with it getting the date stamp of October 15th.

halloweentieball2016pictorialpostmarkWhile the new Postal Bulletin dated today, October 27, is not showing any specific for Halloween, the previous issue -dated October 13 is showing one for the Halloween Capital of The World Anoka, MN.

If the location sounds familiar it was in the blog post on the Jack O Lanterns stamps.  Be sure to see Page 53 of the October 13 Postal Bulletin for details on how to send and address.

There are ecard services can schedule now so don’t have to remember to send on Monday.

And then there could be you decide to skip Halloween altogether for sending out any cards and letters. Instead, you could opt for getting an early start to prepare for Thanksgiving cards.

My suggestion – be deliberate in considering the options, make a decision, declare it and proceed.

Join me tomorrow as we resume our baseball-themed letter writing.  Tomorrow evening finds Game 3 of the World Series 2016 and at Wrigley Field!

For now wishing you much fun with sending out your Boo-ti-ful Cards and Letters.

Anchors Aweigh,

P.S. Yes, you can drop it all off on Saturday morning or even Monday at your Post Office – just check the local hours for Saturday.

Boo-ti-ful Cards and Letters Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image above Jack-o’-lanterns Book of 20 stamps

Image above from Page 53 USPS Postal Bulletin October 13, 2016 @USPSStamps @USPS blog post  2016 Jack O Lanterns Forever Halloween Stamps October 03, 2016 by Helen Rittersporn



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