Gouache Paintings Vintage Typewriter Postcards

Discovering these three Gouache Paintings Vintage Typewriter Postcards is a great nod towards letter writing combining postcards and typewriters!

First, here is a link I’m including to an October 2018 myblueprint.com article sharing think of the “centuries-old type of paint called gouache” as “watercolor, plus chalk”.

Gouache Paintings Vintage Typewriter Postcards

Gouache Paintings Vintage Typerwriter Postcards

“Write a little note to a friend on this set of 3 postcards features printed gouache paintings of vintage typerwriters.”

The Etsy Shop JulieJarema, on Etsy since 2011, is offering the set of three for $9, and a nominal shipping cost for the U.S.

In conclusion, I’m seriously considering ordering the three postcards set for sending for “special” letter writing occasions.

Tomorrow we are wrapping up the month of February with my monthly daily blogging recap, along with it being the last day of InCoWriMo. See you tomorrow!

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Etsy Shop Julie Jarema, image, excerpt

Meet Gouache: The New (Old) Paint That Will Rock Your World, by Jessie Oleson Moore, October 22, 2018, 04:26 PM



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