Spring Cleaning Out Stationery Stash

Spring Cleaning Out Stationery Stash is one of the items on my list these days. First, I’m finding increasing my attention to focused cleaning in my home is providing a sense of accomplishment. In parallel, I’m also looking at mini-projects during the day between work breaks for knocking out some to-dos on “that” list.

Spring Cleaning Out Stationery Stash

Housekeeping lifestyle seamless pattern with cleaning icons.If you have a hobby area that has not been having a lot of attention, the time at home these days may be a great time for taking on Spring Cleaning Out Stationery Stash.  <–Insert the name of your hobby for Stationery if it is a different focus area

Back in 2018, one of my posts was on Saturday Spring Sorting Stationery Supplies. In it, one of the things I suggest is setting a timer to 30 minutes and focusing on doing a little decluttering and organizing.

Furthermore, going further back, in 2015, one of my posts that March was on Spring Cleaning (March 21, 2015). Although we are not having March Madness this year, I’m still thinking the timing is great for this activity.

See you tomorrow for my Wednesday blog post. Hang in there!

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