“Dear Miss Liberty: Letters to the Statue of Liberty”

With today being the 130th anniversary of the arrival of Lady Liberty to New York Harbor it was special to come across the 1986 book “Dear Miss Liberty: Letters to the Statue of Liberty” written by Lynn Bundesen.

Today I was able to order it on Amazon including shipping for less than $5, as they are showing it only available from third-party sellers.  “Some are letters from past decades. Each contain a heartfelt expression of gratitude and hope that somehow speaks for us all.”  The paperback is 87 pages in length (on Twitter @amazon).

This is the link to the newspaper article about the book from June 08, 1986 in the Los Angeles Times newspaper:  An American Love Story: Letters From the Heart to the Statue of Liberty (on Twitter @latimes).  It talks about how the author came to be the one to write the book sharing letters that have been written to the Statue of Liberty.

Photo shown today of US Postage stamp, 1922 Statue of Liberty issue attribution: By U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There is a wealth of information beautifully put together at The National Park Service including this page on Creating the Statue of Liberty (on Twitter @NatlParkService).   Google is celebrating in their June 17, 2015 Google Doodle today the 130th Anniversary of France delivering the Statue of Liberty on June 17, 1885 to the United States (on Twitter @google)

When you go through that collection of stamps for mailing your next letter I know it will include you thinking about today’s blogpost.  We will be looking for any stamps with The Statue of Liberty to affix to the envelope of our next letter !

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