Launched on April 29, 2015, the Anchored Scraps Old-Style Correspondence Address Book was designed exclusively for the readers of

Helen Rittersporn launched this website in 2015 to encourage others to regularly carve out time to connect with others via “old” styles of correspondence, such as handwriting notes and sending cards to friends and family.  She suggests people invest 15 minutes per week to enhance their emotional and spiritual sides of their lives. This address book is the perfect way to keep up with all those names and addresses.

This link will take you to order the Anchored Scraps Old-Style Correspondence Address Book and have it shipped directly to you!  They are priced at $16.96 each plus shipping.  Paypal is accepted as a payment option when you place your order!

This is the link to the blog post announcing its debut!

Thank you to Carla McKeown for designing and customizing for blog readers!  This is the link to her blog post announcing this debut!

Be sure to visit her site – she has been blogging for eight years now.  “Write, mail, connect” !



Attribution Anchored Scraps Old-Style Correspondence Address Book Anchored Scraps Address Book By Helen Rittersporn, Carla McKeown


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