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Helen Rittersporn

Helen Rittersporn, PMP

Helen Rittersporn writes a blog post every day – she has been blogging daily since launching AnchoredScraps.com on February 26, 2015; Her letter writing blog encourages old-style correspondence letter writing!

Celebrating 1400 AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Posts MilestoneOn December 26, 2018, Helen celebrated AnchoredScraps #1400 Daily Blog post! 

The countdown is underway to daily blog post #1500 which will be on April 5, 2019.

This will connect you to view the AnchoredScraps Milestone blog posts for each 100th blog post, Yearly Anniversaries, and features.

In planning her blog over three years ago, Helen realized that we all can benefit from anchoring our memories, capturing our stories and sharing them with those important to us. Through her website and blog, Helen is looking to connect with kindred storytellers who are likewise looking for insights on how to balance our 21st Century technological lifestyles with the joy of traditional communication methods, using digital to connect with fellow analog letter writing enthusiasts!

The AnchoredScraps.com purpose and focus encourages others to regularly carve out time to connect with others via “old” styles of correspondence letter writing. This includes handwriting notes and sending cards to friends and family. Whether it is encouraging buying your first fountain pen, or dusting off your typewriter, it’s all fun and a daily journey!

Helen holds PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification credential through the Project Management Institute (PMI).  She blogs daily at her site, AnchoredScraps.com, encouraging old-style corresponding letter writing.  Blog posts topics have included different postcards, stamps, fountain pens, typewriters, postmarks, stationery, scrapbooking, personal organization and other life interests and observations.

These are links to connect with her on Twitter, and  @AnchoredScrapsInstagramLinkedIn. Link to listings: Top 50 Influencers in ProjMgmt100 Most Inspiring People PM. 

You can reach Helen through the Contact form and via email Helen [at] anchoredscraps.com. 

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Thank you to Mack Collier for a fantastic #Blogchat on Twitter November 19, 2017, interviewing Helen.

You can click on screenshot to link to Mack Collier November 19, 2017, blog post: “How Do You Blog Every Day for 1,000 Straight Days?”

Here is the link to Mack’s November 19, 2017, blog post: How Do You Blog Every Day For 1,000 Straight Days?   which includes link Here’s the transcript for this #Blogchat!”


This excerpt is from Helen’s first blog post on this site on the planned scope for AnchoredScraps.com on February 26, 2015, “There’s Been Talk!”

The 4 W’s – no, I don’t mean taxes!      In determining the scope for my blog, I found advice offered recently at #blogchat to be very helpful.   Each Sunday evening on Twitter there is #blogchat hosted by @MackCollier.

His 4 W‘s he tweeted helped me crystalize my scope.

1 -Why am I blogging?  Anchor our memories – our stories – to make sure we are capturing them and sharing with those important to us.

2 -Who am I blogging for?   Kindred storytellers looking for insights of how to balance the juggle of new technology along with old-style corresponding via hand letter writing to keep connected with our family and friends.

3 -What content do they want?  Helpful tips on imprinting our stories with the people who matter to us, inspiration, and help that nudges us on towards this big picture.

4 -What actions do I want them to take?  Encourage carving out regularly 15 minutes to connect with others via ‘old’ styles of correspondence, such as handwritten notes, and sending cards to friends and family – to invest in their “Important but not Urgent activities” as described by Stephen Covey.

WordCamp Wilmington Speaker – September 24, 2017
“Top 9 Lessons from Daily Blogging for over 900 Days & Still Counting” by Helen Rittersporn

WordPress TV “Helen Rittersporn: Top 9 Lessons From Daily Blogging For Over 900 Days & Still Counting” from September 24, 2017, WordCamp Wilmington. You can click on the image to connect to view.

The WordPress.TV presentation including Question & Answer is right under 48 minutes. This is a link to my Slides.

Top 9 Lessons from Daily Blogging for over 900 Days & Still Counting.

Here is a link to my blog post Thank you WordCamp Wilmington 2017 from September 24, 2017; and AnchoredScraps WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Postcards, from September 22, 2017.

From the WordCamp Wilmington 2017 website:

If you have ever found yourself staring at a blank screen to come up with blog topics this session: “Top 9 Lessons from daily blogging for over 900 days & still counting” with Helen Rittersporn will be of help. It is a continuation from last year’s WordCamp Wilmington 2016 where Helen presented “Lessons from daily blogging for over 600 days & still counting”.

Join Helen as she shares Lessons Learned from blogging over 900 daily blog posts (& still counting!). Her blog encourages old-style correspondence letter writing. Items will include Time Management of writing and posting daily blog posts; benefits of blogging daily; and insights using WordPress to blog daily.

Helen’s Milestone 1000th daily blog post will be on November 22, 2017, since launching AnchoredScraps on February 26, 2015! Whether you are new or a returning WordCamp Wilmington alumni this presentation will help inspire you to increase your blogging frequency and with confidence!”

WordCamp Wilmington 2016 Speaker – November 5, 2016, by Helen Rittersporn

WordPress.TV Helen Rittersporn: Lessons From Daily Blogging For Over 600 Days and Still Counting

Here is the link to watch the WordPress.TV Video, and my Presentation Slides.  The presentation including Question & Answer is right under 40 minutes.

From December 16, 2016, daily blog post – “The WordCamp Wilmington 2016 was the first WordCamp event held in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It was my first WordCamp to attend and very exciting to be accepted as a Speaker!  The two-day event was held November 5th & 6th.   The Event Organizers were fantastic!

… and I’m already looking ahead to 2017 WordCamp offerings.  Also, they are very reasonably priced!

WordCamp SpeakingThere were several dear friends who were most helpful in preparing to be a Speaker and their support was a real blessing.

One of the really exciting things about having been a presenter was the opportunity to talk with the other speakers at the Kick-Off Speakers Reception the evening before the Event.   During the two-day event getting to talk with other bloggers, and making new friends was a worthwhile weekend endeavor.  And on a side-note, it is so much fun to have additional new email blog subscribers to welcome here at AnchoredScraps.com!

The AnchoredScraps Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary was on February 26, 2018!

AnchoredScraps 1000th Daily Blog Post Milestone was on November 21, 2017!

AnchoredScraps 1000th Daily Blog Post

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