At Freedom’s price — Wreaths Across America

In preparing to write today’s blog post here at I have found myself very mindful of how to adequately give the depth and coverage today’s topic deserves.  In yesterday’s July 4th blog it focused on the poem, Freedom Is Not Free, by Kelly Strong.

Today we are looking at Wreaths Across America

This organization I first learned of a few years ago when a close girl friend shared with me how she had become a volunteer with Wreaths Across America.  She is also an email subscriber to this blog (and one of My Three Muses).   She shared with me that when her Dad passed in 2011, she was touched by the kindness of strangers that placed a wreath on his grave at Arlington National Cemetery that December.   After her Mom passed in January 2012, she researched who these kind strangers were.   She discovered that the wreaths were donated and placed by volunteers with Wreaths Across America (WAA).

Their mission is: Remember, Honor and Teach.

Since 1992, Wreath Across America (WAA) (on Twitter @WreathsAcross) has placed remembrance wreaths on the graves of veterans and their loved ones at over 1,000 national cemeteries each December.

The group of volunteers that my friend is actively involved with over the past three Decembers, last year (12-13-14), assisted with the placement of 422 WAA wreaths to “remember” and “honor” veterans and loved ones buried at Arlington, Quantico, West Point, Naval Academy and other military cemeteries.  By involving grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they helped further WAA’s mission to teach the next generations about the service and sacrifices of “the greatest generation”.  This year, they are starting their fundraising efforts early in hopes of repeating the 100% wreath placements at Arlington.   They also want to expand their help to other cemeteries, including West Point, the Naval Academy and other cemeteries in Georgia, Texas and Delaware.

WAA is a 501-c-3 nonprofit, which means that each $15 wreath sponsorship is tax-deductible. In 2014, WAA and thousands of donors and volunteers placed wreaths on over 700,000 military graves. Included in that figure was 226,525 wreaths for Arlington National Cemetery – for their 150th anniversary, 100% of graves there were honored—the first time ever!  This is a link to their informational brochure.

Fast forward and in less than six months December 12, 2015 will be National Wreaths Across America Day.

If you are interested in sponsoring the placement of WAA wreaths ($15 each), there are 2 easy ways – Thank you!

(1) ONLINE, via secure credit card or PayPal payment

Step-by-step instructions on how to sponsor a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery:

(a) Click on:

(b) Click on: Support a Local Fundraising Group (red block over the US Map, which is 2nd box on the right side of the page)

(c) Under “Find a Fundraising Group”, (a) enter: VA0015P and (b) click on: SEARCH

(d) Scroll down and under “Search Results”, VA0015P-Family Council at Belvoir Woods will appear

(e) Click on: DONATE button to the right, which takes you to the sponsorship page

(f)  Complete info as indicated


(2) CHECK, payable to: VA0017P – Wreaths Across America

Complete the info below and send to:   WAA – PO Box 249 – Columbia Falls, ME 04623

On July 15 I will be back with details about an upcoming opportunity with them, but for now I wanted to introduce you to them.  It is not too early to begin thinking if this would be something to pursue with your family in sponsoring a wreath.  My heartfelt thanks to her for all that she does with this organization.  Be sure to circle back on July 15th with the planned follow-up blog post on Wreaths Across America planned for that day.

Today’s post, July 5, At Freedom’s price — Wreaths Across America wraps up the 4th of July themed blog posts on that began on July 2 with  “Once Upon a Town: The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen” (book), July 3 with “Thank you Maine Troop Greeters !“, and yesterday, July 4th with “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE” (Copyright 1981 by Kelly Strong).   My wish is that you will make the time to find a few minutes in your schedule to write what Freedom means to you and put into a letter and share with a close friend/family member. 

Tomorrow we will continue with our focus on ‘Balancing new technology communication with old-style corresponding’ here at Anchored

Anchors Aweigh,

Photo upper left shown is from the Wreaths Across America Facebook/Photos site,, and is used with their permission.



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