Garmin Vivofit2 (Activity Tracker)

My newest toy arrived in the mail yesterday – the Vivofit2 Activity Tracker by Garmin!  Over the past few weeks I have been researching the different activity trackers out there and this one is perfect for my selection criteria.    One of the things I love about it is it helps to keep me more focused with my fitness goals and gives me something to write about in my letters lately!

Attribution: Images shown today from the vivofit2 home page

Instead of having to remember to attach my pedometer when going out to walk or to wear all day the Vivofit2 has me wear it on my wrist – as it is also a watch and is very lightweight.  There is no remembering to attach the pedometer!

It uses Bluetooth and so far I’m very excited about the device.  The deciding reason for me to go with the Vivofit2 instead of the Vivofit is the Vivofit2 automatically syncs!

It comes with being enabled to use the  Garmin Connect software.  What is really wonderful is the Garmin Connect syncs with the LifeSpan Fitness Club Treadmill tracking that I use for my LifeSpan TR4000i treadmill (On Twitter @LifeSpanFitness) – the treadmill has a USB for uploading my stats from it.   This feature of being able to sync between the Activity Tracker results and my treadmill results was really important to me.  (On Twitter @Garmin).  The software also syncs with my smartphone – there is both a Garmin Connect for Android, or Apple version.

Vivofit2 garminconnectSome of the features – it tracks my steps, distance, calories,  time, move bar (audible), monitors sleep, it works with my Heart Rate Monitor, has the Garmin Connect software, wireless Sync, auto sync, activity timer, and backlit display.   The watch I love and it tells me when it is “time to move”; it lets me have personalized daily goals and lets me earn virtual badges and view my progress by day, week, or month.

As I learn more along the way I will post some additional blog posts here at  In the meantime this is a short intro on the Vivofit2.

The Vivofit2 comes with both a large and small band.  I selected it in black.   It is easy to ‘pop’ out the device and change out the band.  As far as accessories, I ordered a set of three bands – Energy – in Canary/Pink/Violet colors.   The really fun item is the vivokeeper TM 9-pack to fit onto your band – you can match the color or use as an accent color.

Thank you to @Garmin and @LifeSpanFitness referenced in today’s blog post.

If you have just begun exploring Activity Trackers I hope this is helpful – be sure to consider the Vivofit2 by Garmin.   If you already have an Activity Tracker by someone else, The Vivofit2 is one to consider adding when in the market for a new one.  Here’s to reaching those 10,000 steps each day – and being able to easily track it too!

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