Cooper and Vintage Puppy Postcards

On this Monday Cooper and Vintage Puppy Postcards is the perfect blog title.

Today’s blog post is short and sweet while I am in the midst of new time routines with our getting Cooper all set up with a daily routine!

The image upper left was taken of Cooper today and he is eight weeks old.   And I’ve included a few photos of him along with Vintage Puppy Postcards in today’s blog post.

There are some Vintage Puppy Postcards over at which I’ve included two here.

Vintage Puppy Postcards



Vintage Puppy Postcards
1906 August 23 date cancel – “Puppy in Envelope”









20160613_083505   20160613_084600

These photos say it all – he is such a delight!   Thank you for joining us today for today’s blog post – saying us given Cooper has been sleeping on my feet all the while I’ve been writing today’s blog post!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Cooper and Vintage Puppy Postcards Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today 

Image above upper left of our family puppy Cooper (June 12, 2016), and two images above (June 13, 2016) all taken by Helen Rittersporn.  ©Copyright Helen Rittersporn and 2015-2016.  All rights reserved.

Image above Best Wishes postcard 3.5 x 5.5  #92821

Image above Puppy in envelope  1906 August 23 postmark cancel date  Stock #206743



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