Flowers From the Garden Forever Stamps

Just think how perfect these new Flowers From the Garden Forever Stamps will enhance our envelopes and in turn our letter writing experience! The new USPS stamps will be making their debut in Sioux Falls, SD on August 16th.  Both are featured in the USPS Bulletin, and over at

Flowers From the Garden stamps feature four different paintings of flowers that come from typical American gardens, each bunch artfully arranged in a container.

From the most recent USPS Bulletin, it shares “There are four designs and will be available in booklet and coils.”.  “The Flowers From the Garden stamps will be available in the following formats:   PSA Booklet of 20 (Item 672100). PSA Coil of 3,000 (Item 755000). PSA Coil of 10,000 (Item 760100).”

“One stamp features red camellias and yellow forsythia in a yellow pitcher, while another features white peonies and pink tree peonies in a clear vase. An arrangement of white hydrangeas, white and pink roses, green hypericum berries, and purple lisianthus in a white vase graces another stamp, while blue hydrangeas in a blue pot appear on another.”

Over at the Virtual Stamp Club website their blog post is being kept updated as new information becomes available on  Flowers from the Garden (U.S. 2017).

I’m already seeing putting these along with the new USPS Protect Pollinators Forever Stamps! Those stamps “arrive on August 03rd in Richmond, Virginia during the APS National Summer Convention StampShow.”

The obvious play on words of being able to send flowers through the mail comes to mind!  Happy Tuesday!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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