Lingonberries Greeting Card by Kati Finell & finding Lingonberry preserves

Today we are looking at a Lingonberries Greeting Card and preserves; it is fun figuring out blog titles some days!

One of the joys of writing my daily blog encouraging letter writing is how the theme of the day for something going on IRL (in real life) weaves into my blog topics!  For our upcoming Christmas Eve family festivities, it will include us having our smorgasbord celebrating Swedish heritage in my husband’s family. With the menu this year we are looking at the return of lingonberries, and not cranberries which are the backup choice.  Over the years the menu continues to change from its original menu; however, the camaraderie of recalling past menu items is fun and builds upon our family stories.

Lingonberries Greeting Card by Kati Finell

Photography PrintsThe Lingonberries Greeting Card I’m showing is by Kati Finell over at Fine Art America website.  Her photography is beautiful!

It is showing the flexibility to order the card with the choice of horizontal or vertical orientation.  The 5 x 7 greeting card has a price of $6.33 for a single card. If ordering a pack of 10 the pricing drops dramatically to $3.77 each.  I’m enjoying seeing so many product choices for the image including this greeting card, wall art, and home decor including a tote bag.

Sylt Lingon, Lingonberry preserves

Finding the Sylt Lingon, Lingonberry preserves, Ikea Food, 14.1 oz jar over at Amazon looks like a great choice. I’m now waiting for my order; by ordering now I have time to try it out prior to the event! I’m including an image in case you are curious!

In closing today’s blog post, I’m encouraging us to push procrastination out of the way and get the packages off into the mail and greeting cards. At least perhaps prioritize in batches getting them off in waves.

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P.S. Today is daily blog post #1387!

P.P.S. Here is the 2018 USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines (11-29-2018) blog post that has the dates.

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Image Lingonberries Greeting Card by Kati Finell, Fine Art America website
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