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On this Saturday before Christmas, the PaperSnowflakeArt Reindeer Paper Snowflake Pattern is available in an instantly downloadable PDF format. The letter writing option I’m suggesting is to write a note onto each snowflake. Furthermore, have everyone in the group sign each paper snowflake – be sure to include the date!

Before beginning, I’m finding snowflakes on my mind from catching the 2016 Hallmark Christmas movie, A Christmas to Remember. Mira Sorvino creates these beautiful paper snowflakes adorning the house – all whipped up in an afternoon with the family befriending her – and no snowflake pattern! If you get a chance watch the movie – I love her in this movie!

Reindeer Paper Snowflake Pattern by PaperSnowflakeArt

This is a link to the PaperSnowflakeArt website.  Be sure to check out the gallery of different designs available! The Reindeer Paper Snowflake Pattern is available for one dollar.

“Follow this simple pattern to cut out a beautiful, detailed paper snowflake! Simply print out the template, fold, cut, and enjoy 🙂

This is a digital download — you will receive a PDF of the pattern, which you can print and cut out on your own! “

If you are wanting to splurge I’m seeing an option to get all twenty snowflake patterns for ten dollars at their Etsy Shop.

Below is a link to their Paper Snowflake Art YouTube Channel with tutorials on how to fold and cut their patterns.

In a previous blog post (January 09, 2017) Monday Motivation Sending Snowflake Letters, it includes the link to Twelve free printable snowflake templates.

Seeing these brings to mind my Christmas decorating idea from last year using paper doilies from the dollar store: Wrapping Up Christmas Dazzling Dollar Doilies (12-23-2017).

While out and about today travel safe! It really is okay to still be working on our Christmas cards – I certainly am!

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