“The little book of the flag”

With today being Flag Day it has been a delight to discover “The little book of the flag” written by Eva March Tappan (1854-1930), published in 1917.    There are numerous download options at that link for no charge, book contributor New York Public Library, Internet Archive.

There is a Journal of Education review from 1917 and part of it reads:  “In order to realize how much one does not know he needs to read a book like “The Little Book of the Flag”… We have never seen so much that is so significant about “the stars and stripes” as is here told by Miss Tappan.”  Click on that link to view the entire review.

About Flag Day

In 1877 Flag Day was first observed when Congress asked that all public buildings fly the flag on June 14. Flag Day was officially proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916.   It was not until 1949 that there was an Act of Congress that President Harry Truman signed designating June 14th as National Flag Day.

The photo shown today

In reading that the first Flag Day was held in 1916 I enjoyed coming across this photo: “Flag Day, Post Ofc., [Washington, D.C.], 1916.”  Attribution:  By National Photo company [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.  It is also included at the D.C. PAST website – Collecting the photographic history of Washington, D.C.

Less than three weeks to 4th of July

There are less than three weeks to the 4th of July and my thought is perhaps we can make the time to read (or at least skim through) the book by Eva March Tappan and help get us in good shape with our flag to display on July 4th.  And in general get a better understanding about the flag.  Tonight I’ll be dashing off a letter to my Mom to find out how the Patriotic Concert for Flag Day went that was she was attending today.  Less than three weeks to 4th of July…

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