Saving daylight postcard 1918

Saving daylight postcard 1918 is our timely Sunday blog post today.  I’ve also included a photo jigsaw puzzle of “Daylight Savings during World War One!”

Saving daylight postcard 1918

The Saving daylight postcard 1918 is timely given we just set our clocks ahead one hour overnight.

From the online Library of Congress the image is entitled “Saving daylight!” –  Sign and mail one of these post cards to your congressman at Washington and help make it a national law to set the clock one hour ahead.

Image Library of Congress “Saving daylight!” postcard 1918

The summary is described as “Summary: Poster showing a man writing a postcard, with the U.S. Capitol in the background. To the left are samples of the free postcards that were distributed.”

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Daylight Saving during World War One

On Saturday we just covered Mailman Jigsaw Puzzles and today also includes a Jigsaw Puzzle.

The group offering the “Daylight Saving during World War One” is offering the image as a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle, Canvas Print, Framed Print, and Photographic Prints.

The Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Daylight Saving during World War One is described as PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLE. Photo Puzzle (252 Pieces).  Artwork depicting Daylight Saving during World War One. The effects of daylight saving, introduced in Britain in 1916. Shipping from America.”

Thank you for joining me today for Saving daylight postcard 1918.   It was fun to have one of “My Three Muses” here at AnchoredScraps share this sentiment with me that “even though we “lost an hour” overnight we still have the extra 23 hours we gained from Leap Year Day on February 29!”   How True!

Join me tomorrow as we kick off a new week here which includes March Madness beginning on Tuesday March 15, and St. Patricks’ Day on Thursday.  For St. Patrick’s Day – there is still time to get your cards in the mail out the door tomorrow!   Just think – Easter Sunday is two short weeks away!   

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Image above Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Daylight Saving during World War One by Prints Prints Prints on blog post – “My Three Muses” first referenced in March Madness Milestones March 16, 2015 written by Helen Rittersporn




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