Cavallini Butterflies Carte Postale

This Spring there are butterflies everywhere including the Cavallini Butterflies Carte Postale.  Also included today is the Butterfly Stamp or equivalent icon on greeting cards, and the Butterfly stamp.

This year we are really blessed with so many butterflies around the area.  I’ve even got some butterfly stickers that I have been including in my note cards the past few days.  A dear friend remarked to me yesterday how her Dad includes extra butterfly friendly plants in his garden.

Butterfly stamp or Equivalent

Last April in my blog post “Postage Due” we included Square envelopes and the U.S.P.S. Nonmachinable surcharge criteria.

Have you noticed on some greeting cards it will show an icon of a Butterfly indicating that extra postage is needed?  In May 2010 the USPS had their first 64-cent Butterfly stamp, for more details from the GCA click here, it includes Butterfly Stamp Usage Guidelines.

I’ve included the 2015 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail stamp, upper left, it is the fifth butterfly stamp for greeting card envelopes needing additional postage.


Cavallini Butterflies Carte Postale

My search has realized the Cavallini Butterflies Carte Postale on line which I have placed an order.   There are 18 assorted postcards and I’m looking forward to them arriving in the mail!

The Cavallini & Co. website is really fun to explore – with their 2017 Calendars and Planners already available.  Their Decorative Paper Tape includes their “Vintage Office” and truly has me thinking deluxe washi tape !   If you are looking for a site to browse while having a ten-minute break to pause from the daily rush you will love their offerings – including File Folders, Pencil Sets, Sticky Notes, and Vintage Postcards.

Today’s blog has me recalling a fun afternoon long ago with my butterfly net and jar off looking for butterflies – it was a Spring afternoon. It is one of those memories that I have no photo of in my scrapbook but I can still remember the whole outing and how tall the grass was in the field and getting to run in my barefeet all the time while holding onto my butterfly net!   This is around the same time I made my own Supergirl costume that Fall for Halloween but that’s for another blog post!

Here’s to enjoying the Spring – butterflies and all!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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Image above Cavallini Butterflies Carte Postale, 18 Postcards per Tin  by Cavallini & Co. as shown at

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