Dear Peyton Letters

Today we are looking at the Dear Peyton Letters series of video commercials that debuted yesterday by Gatorade which are in tribute to Manning's retirement showing several recipients reading hand written letters from Peyton.…

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Wrap Up Week Ahead

We begin the new week with today's blog post entitled "Wrap Up Week Ahead" here at  You may want to pause and go grab your calendar that is in your…

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Chuck Jones Daddy Daughter Letters

It is Saturday morning and we are looking at the cartoon creator of Road Runner, Chuck Jones Daddy Daughter Letters. If you immediately thought "BEEP-BEEP!" when reading Road Runner then perhaps you too are recalling…

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Sending Get Well Soon Packages

Sending Get Well Soon Packages

Sending Get Well Soon Packages is our blog post on this Thursday.  In the midst of Spring I'm seeing the importance of being mindful of others who would benefit from receiving…

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Barbershop Quartet email attachment

Barbershop Quartet email attachment

Barbershop Quartet email attachment kicks off our Monday with today, April 11, being National Barbershop Quartet Day. It was great fun discovering that it was a photo of his barbershop quartet…

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