Time Saving Personalized Note Template

Today’s blog post has me glad to remember to use my AnchoredScraps time saving personalized note template for letter writing given we have a new puppy in our home!  Cooper is a joy and so much fun!

Recently I received a letter from a dear friend who had used my AnchoredScraps Personalized Note Template I had introduced here last July.

It was great to receive from her and it reminded me not all of our letters are meant to be picture perfect to include in a stationery store catalog and it really does save time helping to dash off that letter and have in the mail instead of unrealized ‘best of intentions’.

dreamstime_xs_44594656Here then is the Time Saving Personalized Note Template I introduced last July.

AnchoredScraps Personalized Note Template

Date _______________

Dear _____________,

Thank you so much for your recent letter!   Please know how much your letter is appreciated.

While I have the best of intentions to write you and send a ‘proper letter’, alas, I am doing good to fill out this personalized form note to you.  My thinking is it is better than you having the silent sound of crickets chirping at your mailbox awaiting a reply from me.  Please accept today’s note with the spirit with which it is intended.  It is personalized because I have circled the items that applied to me and filled out the blanks to the best of my ability.   (And I did manage to find a stamp and address it!)

 Hope you are well!

 Around here things have been
a) all good – no one sick recently;
b) the kids have been sick;
c) the dog has been sick
d) someone in the family has been sick _______________.

 These days I:
a) work too much but still getting some sleep;
b) have been burning the midnight oil;
c) running the carpool;
d) managed to lose 10 pounds!

 As far as having done anything new and fun, recently
a) Saw a new movie and its title was:  _______________;
b) On Netflix found this new movie (or series) and it is called:  ___________________;
c) Reading a new book, the title and author:   ___________________________;
d) reading a blog that is so exciting to me and it is called ____________________.

 Additional comments:



 Love, Hugs, Yours Truly, Best, (<—Circle one)


There you have it, feel free to copy and paste into your word document and print off and fill in the blanks and circle the answers accordingly for your personal use.  For my family and friends don’t be surprised if you receive this from me in the coming weeks when letter writing!  Join me tomorrow as we kick off a new week here complete with some puppy photos of Cooper!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Time Saving Personalized Note Template Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today 

Reprint above from my AnchoredScraps.com blog post – When letters go unanswered (& suggested solution)  July 07, 2015 written by Helen Rittersporn
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