New Puppy Chapter

On this Saturday morning while it is still calm and quiet around here it is the perfect time to write today’s blog post of New Puppy Chapter!  I’m also including a look ahead to the new Pets Forever stamps coming out in August 2016 by US Postal Service.

This afternoon we will be picking up our brittany spaniel puppy Cooper!

This morning’s text to us arrived along with a photo that said it all – it was showing him eating a pinecone!

We already have found a class that begins next Saturday for puppy kindergarten.  Photos will be sure to follow!

Pets Forever Stamps

I’ve been waiting to share this stamp for this day’s blog post.   The Puppies stamp shown upper left is part of the “Pets Forever” stamps the “United States Postal Service will issue its set of 20 Pets forever stamps on Aug. 2, with a first-day ceremony in Las Vegas, Nev.”

From Linn’s Stamp News – “The 20 stamps are being issued together in a double-sided pane of 20, described as a booklet by the Postal Service. Each stamp shows a photograph of one pet: puppy, betta fish, iguana, hamster, goldfish, kitten, rabbit, tortoise, guinea pig, parrot, corn snake, mouse, hermit crab, chinchilla, gerbil, gecko, cat, horse, parakeet and dog.”

On our way over we will be stopping at the most amazing locally owned pet store that was so lovingly gentle and kind to Cuddy when he got so sick.  Today is very special as we expand our family and open our home and hearts again.

Anchors Aweigh,  


New Puppy Chapter – Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today 

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