Easy Letters to Write Your Kids at Camp

With a twist to the “How I spent my Summer Vacation theme” today’s blog post is on the ebook 13 Easy Letters to Write Your Kids at Camp by Mike Barnes.  Instead of these being letters a child writes and sends home to you, these are letters you write and send to your child at Summer Camp.

The preview I was able to see at Amazon had me laughing and so I ordered and downloaded the 27 page ebook.  Probably my favorite was the suggestion with a twist on writing The “We Miss You” Letter.   

These are also fun letter writing projects that you could use anytime during the year together – perhaps on a rainy day or when sitting around and someone says they are bored.

“Don’t be stuck writing boring letters to your kids while they are away from home at a camp. Use these 13 ideas to bring life, humor, and love to your letters while putting a smile on your child’s face.”  – Amazon ebook description for Easy Letters to your Kids at Camp

Ideas for different types of letters to write included The Word Scramble, The Pet Letter, The Treats Letter, The Camp Crossword, and I loved The Backwards Letter ideas. I’m definitely going to be trying out some of these creative letter writing ideas in the near future and perhaps you will too!

Last July my blog post on “Letters from Camp” was on “two books, “Letters from Camp” by Bill Adler (1962), and “Kids’ e-mail & letters from camp” by Bill Adler, Jr. (2000).”  That blog post concluded with “‘Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.’….”

Here then is this YouTube – “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”.  Enjoy!

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