Patriotic Spiral Forever Stamp Issued Today

On this Friday morning it is fun to look at the Patriotic Spiral Forever Stamp Issued Today – August 19th.   Seeing this beautiful design has me hearing a Barbershop rendition of The Stars and Stripes Forever!  Get ready to have a bounce in your step as we go into the weekend!

Available Format 10 & 10,000

The first-class stamps in this Energetic Design are being made available in two formats.  It is available in booklets of 10 and in self-adhesive coils of 10,000 !

“Offering a new spin on patriotic stamps, the festive and energetic design suggests connection and movement, with 50 red and blue stars spiraling around one gold star in the center. The idea behind the design was to illustrate a community protectively orbiting the central star that in an abstract sense stands for our nation’s steadfast idealism and hope for a more perfect union. At once both modern and timeless, this stamp is a lively take on past issuances featuring stars.”

Each format is getting its own First Day of Issue.  The booklet format in Falls Church, VA and the large coil format in Kansas City, Mo.  Information on Ordering First-Day-of-Issue Postmark, and Ordering First-Day Covers is available here.

The Stars and Stripes Forever – Barbershop

Previous blog posts have included Barbershop themed ones – i.e. in April and June along with one on John Philip Sousa.  It is wonderful to get combine them here today.

This YouTube of The Vocal Majority – The Stars and Stripes Forever I’ve included from 2015.

I’m excited about ordering this new stamp and getting to use it and hope you will too!
Anchors Aweigh,  


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