Welcome September 01 World Letter Writing Day

We are kicking off the new month with today’s blog post on Welcome September 01 World Letter Writing Day !

One can participate for only the price of a stamp!

Write a letter putting pen to paper and the important part – put the completed letter into the envelope and MAIL IT!

Over at World Letter Writing Day website the Founder, Richard Simpkin included this sentiment.  “We are more expressive when we write a letter compared to an email or txt where we just want to take short cuts, we try not to make spelling mistakes when we write, we usually take pride in our hand writing & we all want our letters to look & sometimes feel special to the receiver, a hint of perfume, a photo, a favourite flower petal. We usually just make more of an effort.”     

Welcome September 01 World Letter Writing DayAt the Days Of The Year website “Letter Writing Day”  one can read all about the history of the creation of the day.  The sentiment is shared it takes a little more time to communicate this way.   It points out that taking the time to reach out to connect this way by writing a letter is a worthwhile effort.  The sentiment is one I definitely agree!

If you find yourself enjoying there being a day for letter writing you will want to mark your calendar for the upcoming National Letter Writing Day on December 07 this year.  More on it in a future blog post here.

Thank you for joining me today!  Get ready for it – tomorrow – September 02 the new Star Trek Stamps will be the blog topic here.  The new Forever stamps dedication ceremony is September 02 celebrating the set of four stamps.  It was first blogged here on January 01 with Star Trek stamps announced beaming in 2016.  It is for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the television premiere.  I’ll save the known quote from Star Trek for closing the blog post tomorrow!     For now, let’s go ahead and participate today with writing ONE LETTER!   Welcome to the month of September!

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Welcome September 01 World Letter Writing Day Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

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