Flag Act of 1818 Stamp Bicentennial June 9, 2018

On June 9th next month, the Flag Act of 1818 Stamp Bicentennial will be going on sale nationwide and the dedication ceremony will be in Appleton, WI . When looking ahead, the June 9th date will be when realizing AnchoredScraps daily blog post # 1,200 Milestone!

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If you have goals with targeting during 2Q for completing, time is quickly marching by us. I’ll have more on this in my Wednesday post this week.

Flag Act of 1818 StampFlag Act of 1818 Stamp Bicentennial Arriving on June 9, 2018

There will be one stamp design with the “(Forever® priced at the First-Class Mail® rate)” with a pane of 20 stamps.

“With this stamp, the Postal Service™ marks the 200th anniversary of the Flag Act of 1818, which provided the basic design of the current American flag: 13 stripes symbolizing the original 13 colonies and one star for each state in the Union. The stamp art features a flag with 20 stars, the number of states in the Union when the Flag Act of 1818 was implemented. The flag‘s crisp folds and layering effect convey a sense of the dynamism of the young nation…”

To read the entire article in the Postal Bulletin about the commemorative, click here. Furthermore, it includes details for Ordering the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark and First-Day Covers.

I’m looking ahead and on Wednesday THIS WEEK we will be exactly 1/2 way through Second Quarter 2018.

This is going to be a fast week! Join me tomorrow for my Tuesday blog post. In the meantime, here’s to staying focused with our goals and having a great week ahead!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today –

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