Souvenir Pictorial Postmark National Baseball Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Day

There is still time for requesting a Souvenir Pictorial Postmark National Baseball Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Day via mail. This is my fourth year for posting about this annual souvenir pictorial postmark.

Over at News, 2019 Hall of Fame Inductions, it includes “Hall opens its doors for unforgettable ’19 Class”.

“Every July, baseball’s greatest legends gather in Cooperstown as new members of the Hall of Fame are inducted into the sport’s most hallowed institution. The Class of 2019 — Mariano Rivera, Roy Halladay, Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith and Harold Baines — includes the greatest closer of all time.”

Souvenir Pictorial Postmark National Baseball Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Day

In the current Pictorial Postmarks Announcement 7-18-2019, it includes the address and request process for sending off for the Pictorial Postmark National Baseball Hall of Fame 2019.

2019 pictorial postmark inauguration day national baseball hall of fame

July 21, 2019

National Baseball Hall of Fame

Induction Day Station

Postmaster “Postmark Request”

40 Main Street

Cooperstown, NY 13326-9998 Article on Souvenir Induction Pictorial Postmark

Then, at the Otsego County Daily Newspaper Online the article from Friday it shares about Again, Post Office Here Offers Induction Stamp

The article also includes the address and process for requesting it.

“COOPERSTOWN – The post office here is again marking Induction Weekend with a souvenir picture postmark – also known as a pictorial cancellation in collectors’ circles — to be offered at a special postal booth 9-6 p.m. this Sunday in the post office’s parking lot.

The postmark bears an image of the logo of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Sunday’s Induction Day ceremony date. The Postal Service applies the postmark on any envelope that has proper postage, making it a first class souvenir of the day.

Souvenir postmarks are a big hit with visitors each Induction Day, with some returning each year for a new postmark, said Postmistress Mary Brown.

She said picture postmarks are placed on more than just the local postcards of the Hall of Fame, which is right across the street: Seasoned stamp collectors and sports fans ask for postmarks  on autographs, pictures, newspaper articles, books, baseball cards, caps and even baseball bats and balls. Collectors blend stamps and postmarks with hopes of adding to the value of collectibles featuring the national pastime…”

In conclusion, I’m recalling a friend is in Cooperstown this weekend. Furthermore, sending off for one of these is a great souvenir I’m considering requesting for surprising her.

If you have been following along from earlier last week, the hardwood floors schedule says it is resuming here tomorrow! Stay tuned. Join me tomorrow for kicking off the new week.

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