Linking it Together

Today we are wrapping up the week as we conclude the import/export steps of our .csv file to help with our address book.

This week on we have been getting ourselves organized with our personal correspondence including taking on overhauling our address book.

Yesterday we concluded with the exporting of our Outlook 2013 contacts into a .csv file.

Here are the steps for importing into Excel 2013 the .csv file of your Outlook 2013 contacts (if you missed that post or want to go look again, click here)

Step 1) In Excel go to the ‘Data’ tab. Select the “Get External Data”, select “From Text”


Step 2) Navigate over to the location where you saved your exported .csv file and then select “Import” button


Step 3) The “Text Import Wizard – Step 1 of 3” will appear. Be sure to select Delimited AND checkmark “My data has headers”



Step 4) The “Text Import Wizard – Step 2 of 3” will be displayed. Be sure to select ‘comma



Step 5) The “Text Import Wizard – Step 3 of 3” will be displayed.


Step 6) You are almost done! The “Import Data” screen appears. I usually go with the default of “Table” and select “New Worksheet”


Step 7) Congratulations! The import is completed.


Both photos shown today were taken by me on ‎March ‎20, ‎2015 – the link of chains had a beautiful rusting color with specks of vibrant teal.

Congratulations!   While we could have put this into excel as a pivot (I love pivots) what we have is very functional.  Be sure to SAVE your file!   In this file you can print and have a hardcopy backup of the information.  You can also tuck into your address book.  Usually I print off several copies.   Make a note of any corrections and updates and then update them back in Excel and/or Outlook and you can keep yourself synchronized.  As we wrap up this week hopefully your name and address book are in better shape than they were when we began the week.

Wishing you a peaceful Palm Sunday 2015.  Tomorrow we begin a new theme for the week – one I am sure you have already guessed!

Anchors Aweigh,  








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