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What’s in a card?   I’m in the process of investigating merging the use of an embroidery sewing machine with my scrapbooking card stock to make gorgeous cards to send to friends and family, to use the embroidered card stock items as embellishments.    … Digital Embroidery Meets Card Making – This would be with a digital embroidery machine that lets me use it with predigitized designs to stitch onto scrapbooking cardstock that would then be affixed to the greeting card.  As part of my pre-purchase investigation into the world of digital embroidery machines I am signed up for an upcoming class for Inspirations by DIME software class which is being offered locally at Coastal Sewing & Appliance.

DIME – As timing would have it the class is being offered by the “Designs in Machine Embroidery” with an educator to come in and show you what can be done.   The class is not machine specific-so most of the products will work with your machine.     Designs in Machine Embroidery is a company, started out with their magazine 12-15 dime logoyears ago.   Their software designs transcend what kind of machine you have and they empower you to design your own as well.     You can download a free digital issue pdf of their magazine featuring 37 pages issue – I did not have to sign up or anything.   If you purchase a subscription, you can also download the digital app on your phone or tablet as well.

Interested in taking a class yourself?  Options for finding a DIME class in your area: One option would be to sign up to their email blast  at , click on the subscribe button on the lower left hand corner or click on this link to find an Inspirations Dealer through their dealer locator:

Now & Then – My sewing machine dates back from High School and is all metal and I know what to expect with it when using it and know how to use it.   Most machines today are aluminum with plastic covers to tote to class – reducing their weight.

I’ve been investigating the Sofia by Baby Lock – the design area to embroider would be up to a 4” x 4” finished area – ideal for my purposes for a card or including on a scrapbook page.   There are machines that embroider a larger area and include a larger price tag.

My Next Steps:  To go digital embroidery is to open a whole new world which I find exciting but I already know I will keep my ‘legacy’ sewing machine along with me for the ride – even if it stays at home.    There is the possibility after doing my research that I may decide to opt out and instead get from a expert local small business entrepreneur who can digitize embroidery for me.

I recognize this is all so I can send out via snail mail cards for personally corresponding knowing they will be unique and truly special!   See you at class!

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Collaboration credit:    This blog post on exploring digital embroidery took some outside research:   Thank you to Jessica and Stephanie at DIME who spoke with me and helped me with my terminology and confirmed details about DIME.      Thank you to David at Coastal Sewing & Appliance who helped me with my vocabulary words for basic digital embroidery for this blog post.   To quote him about learning this new vocabulary “is just like a new car – you’ve got to learn all the different names for everything.  We all start at the bottom with learning it”.  The DIME logo is used with permission.





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