National Card and Letter Writing Month celebrates with “From Me to You”

These new “From Me to You” limited edition Forever stamps celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month – I first discovered at 365 Letters blog and its featured at the Letter Writers Alliance blog too! 

Today we continue our theme this week of “Writing outside the box”.   The photo (upper left) was taken by me today.  It took my driving to three different Post Offices in my area to finally be rewarded with them having these new stamps in stock …so I got several sets!    The limited edition Forever stamps are celebrating National Card and Letter Writing Month and bear the words From Me To You in capital letters.  What makes these stamps fun is they include stickers with different messages and mail related icons.        

The Post Office web site talks about reinforcing the sentiment that electronic communications are not as personal as receiving hand written letters.  And it talks about the traditions and values of hand written correspondence.   The first date of issue was last week, on April 1, 2015 in Washington, DC “celebrating the special connections we make through the mail.”  To purchase you can chase down them locally at your Post Office like I did or visit the USPS web site with all of their options From Me To You. 

It was an honor to be reviewed by the 365 Letters Blog on March 25 New Correspondence Website!

My first learning of April being National Letter Writing Month was from reading the 365 Letters blog

This is a great site with the Author having started out her blog in 2009 with the goal of writing a letter every day in 2009 and achieving it!   It was an honor to be reviewed by her blog on March 25 and as a result have welcomed several new email subscribers!

These two recent articles:  No Foolin’ — April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and New US Stamp Kicks Off Letter Writing Month are very good.  I do not want to get ahead of myself – know that we will hear more about the 365 Letters blog in the future!

P1010336Letter Writers Alliance  

Further, given we are a connected world, I tried out the link to the Letter Writers Alliance from Carla’s 365 Letters blog and discovered an article there on April is… National Letter Writing Month!

My Letter Writers Alliance membership card package just arrived from them in the U.S. Mail and it is so much fun!  For $5 – yes Five Dollars – it gave me my Lifetime Membership!


Join us tomorrow on where we will debut our first Complement Thursday blogpost for April as listed on the April calendar.

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