Dominoes & Desks (Awaiting my new desk)

I’m currently in the process of awaiting my new desk – it has been ordered and looks like I have two weeks to go for its arrival and installation.  

The journey of me and my desk has me thinking of the movie “Christmas in Connecticut (1945) with Barbara Stanwyck. 

(No dominoes yet, that is later in this blog post).

In the movie it starts off with Barbara writing her latest article of her invented Connecticut farm (and invented husband and baby) which her readers just adore reading all about each issue.   There she is at her typewriter describing a fantastic scene with her farm house but is actually staring at her apartment.   It is a fun movie which if you have not seen you should, and if you haven’t seen it in a while, queue it up to see one weekend afternoon.

While I do not recall any dominoes in that movie, this small project I’ve undertaken to overhaul my desk area is starting to expand and I’m thinking “dominos”!   My desk has been a bit of a makeshift configuration for me the past several years.   With having my desk usage expanded to include writing this daily blog post at it I have been realizing I need a better solution, one that is ergonomically friendly.

My new desk configuration:

My new desk is going to be a rectangular table 30” x 60” – a rectangular top with laminate will go on top of the ValuLift Electric Base for Rectangular Tables.   The maple laminate is on back order and actually now that I’m going with the Espresso color the color contrast will be nice sitting next to the window with the off-white wooden plantation shutters.

The desk will provide me with the flexibility of having a raising electric platform with a height range of 25 ½ “to 51”, meaning if I want to stand while typing I can.   The ergonomic design strongly appeals to me knowing that the Articulating Keyboard/Mouse Platform along with the dual monitor arms that are height adjustable means the monitors will be where I want them without having a pedestal taking up room on the desktop itself – just where the dual arms themselves attach to the desktop.  The professional office furniture design person I have been working with has been a delight – finally finding someone who ‘gets’ the ergonomic considerations and able to balance price considerations to stay in budget.

Knowing I’m going to have dual monitors I’ve been ordering different cables, 15 pin to 15 pin monitor cables, already have the hdmi to hdmi cables, and the newly figured out ‘Display port to HDMI’ adapter that is on order.  The Display port is bigger than a USB port and looks like a HDMI port but is slightly smaller so the HDMI cable will not fit it – get yourself the Display Port to HDMI Converter with Audio Adapter and I am told all will be well providing me that second output so I can use with my second external monitor for the laptop.

And then there is the MOUSE!  The mouse looks like you could program NASA from it – and as soon as I receive it, will do a blog post on it!

The rest of my home office area is what may have some dominoes it its future….

My focus had been in getting the desk configured and ordered.   Now that it has been ordered, I am figuring out what I want for my second external monitor to order.   And I am looking at the furniture placement for the remaining items still here.

And yes, you guessed it – I’m setting up a ‘satellite letter writing area’ in the home office too.

Is there a project that you have been thinking about for years and have not gotten around to it yet?  (Do not worry about the dominoes)

Do not let the fear of some dominoes stop you from planning! The time is going to pass anyway.   And just think, it DOES give us something to write about to our family and friends as we go through the process.  Thank you for joining me for today’s blog post.

Join me tomorrow for a very exciting blog post that I am getting out my fountain pen in preparation for writing it! 

Anchors Aweigh,  





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