Finishing the Projects we have started

Today on we are talking about Finishing the Projects we have started. 

You may have several projects underway around the house, for your hobby, in the garden – and yet somehow that little extra more effort has not been taken so the the project has not been finished.

Completed projects give a sense of accomplishment and spur us onto the next one!

Several years ago (long before I ever thought of being a Project Manager) my New Year’s resolution one New Year’s Day was to complete all craft projects that were underway by me but had not ever been completed.  They were all at some level of completion in a trunk of mine.  During that year I would work on one item at a time until done and at the end of the year I had finished knitting a sweater, completed a needlepoint project, and finished the afghan had been crocheting.  There were a few others, one involved sewing.  What I remember is I finished them all!   And I had decided to not purchase any new supplies for undertaking new craft projects for my hobbies until what was in that trunk was done.

Attribution: from “Tea Box” class, held at Scrap and Design April 2015 – some use theirs for a Tea Caddy box. On left is the cover, and then showing the inside along with some cards out of same paper. Helen put more flower stamps on the cover and some other adjustments.

Recently I had been to two different scrapbooking/card making box classes and when class was done I was not!  This past weekend I had made arrangements in advance to meet a dear friend up at Scrap and Design and while there I was able to successfully complete both craft projects! One of the projects (“By the Sea”) I had decided to leave the contents inside my box empty and this meant I did not do the second part of that one project (no tags) – declaring what I wanted the function for it and this meant the second part was not needed.

Attribution: from “By the Sea Box and Tag Album” class, held at Scrap and Design June 2015 – Love the nautical box with ribbon tie. Helen opted to go without tags and instead using the inside box for storing her anchor coasters

This is one of my favorite quotes that my Mom will tell me on the phone:

“Well begun is half done.” – Aristotle

My current personal project is for letter writing – it is to get my list of well intentioned letters written and sent off into the snail mail.  The recipients do not even have me on their periscope so it will be a surprise hearing from me.   How about you?  If you have something underway but have not completed perhaps you will set a goal to have it done prior to Labor Day.  That is my goal now for these letters to be out the door from me!

Here’s to our taking an inventory and making the decision to finish our projects!

Anchors Aweigh,  




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