Pressed Flowers (Stationery)

Today I wanted to share something fun to do in making our own pressed flowers and putting into our correspondence.  This is something special, can take no money if we are resourceful, and be a big splurge and gift of your time for a special letter to send!

Welcome to the last week for July 2015 here at   You may still have a fresh bouquet of flowers that may be starting to age on you – or out in your own back yard may still have some flowers to pick from your garden.   Years ago I remember making Pressed Flowers for a summer craft project.

dreamstime_xs_46374556Today I am sharing two different “How-To” articles I found from sifting through – these past few weeks – articles already posted on the topic of pressed flowers.

This article from the American Library Association, ALA Editions on “Pressed Flower Note Cards”  (Project 3) lists the Supplies and Tools, Materials needed, and Steps to follow (On Twitter @alaeditions).  It is an excerpt from “The Hipster Librarian’s Guide to Teen Craft Projects, by Tina Coleman and Peggie Llanes (Chicago: American Library Association, 2009).”  This two page pdf file looks like something my scrapbooking friends with advanced skills would enjoy and were straightforward for the beginner at the same time!

The second article that I really enjoyed: Pressed Flowers: How to Make Your Own – Learn how to make your own pressed flowers – By Deb Wiley.” (On Twitter @BHG). The Better Homes and Gardens article is nicely written.  It covers “Selecting Flowers for Pressing, Materials for Flower Pressing, Pressed Flower Technique: Books, Pressed Flower Technique: Iron, and Pressed Flower Technique: Microwave”.  I did not see a date on this article but it has been shared over 600 times!

There you are – something new to try, it keeps us on a budget, you can impress your friends with how creative you are and it is something different!  Have fun with it – I know I am !

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