Back to School (& Lunch Box Letters)

Welcome to Monday on  This morning included the sounds of the school bus pulling up to load the neighbors children signaling “Back to School” after a summer hiatus.  

There were the sounds of the school bus slowing down and halting, the pause, and then hearing the bus pull away from its stop across the street from me.  I know that the start date varies among different locations so in your specific town school may not be starting back just yet.

With “Back to School” it brings a new year, new beginnings, and new traditions to embrace this year and it got me to recalling one of my blog posts back from April which would be perfect for today’s Back to School theme.


Attribution: Image (upper left) of book cover “Lunch Box Letters” by Bill Zimmerman.

Lunch Box Letters

“Lunchbox Letters” is written by  Bill Zimmerman (Twitter @MakeBeliefs4U) – he has written over 18 books in the last 20 years!

From my April 21 blog post (which covered three of his books):  “The book Lunch Box Letters: Writing Notes of Love and Encouragement to Your Children was written in 2007.  “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each child every day might find a handwritten note of love and encouragement in her or his lunch box? In writing such letters a parent or caregiver bestows upon a child one of the most precious gifts that can ever be given: the knowledge that she or he is loved. ”   This book encourages parents to write notes of love and encouragement to their children and shows you how.  It is available in paperback at

dreamstime_xs_14235939Thank you to Bill Zimmerman @MakeBeliefs4U who is referenced in today’s blog post for his creativity and making a positive difference! Be sure to visit his Something to Write About site.

These ideas can be applied even if you are not personally going back to school itself – it can be done with packing lunch for work as well.

Be on the lookout to kick-off the new (school) year now.  Our letters, notes, and ‘little something jotted down’ do make a difference!

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