Thankful Stationery

If you are on a budget and/or just wanting to really make good use of your funds with the Holiday Season upon us – today’s blog post may be of interest and it is fun! 

Thankful Stationery

In follow-up to yesterday’s blog post that included encouraging us to get into the mail our messages with our Thanksgiving cards/notes/letters today has some sites I have come across that provide free templates for downloading and printing off our own cards, stationery, even themed recipe cards and napkin ring holders.

At MintPrintables there are Thanksgiving Stationery & Envelopes Keep in touch with family and friends by writing a letter by hand on unique Thanksgiving stationery sets. Each have matching writing paper and envelope.” 

Image shown is from the

And at the site there are free printable thanksgiving notes template Thanksful notes place cards and Thanksgiving napkin ring holders.

We can be thankful and frugal at the same time and I hope today has been helpful to that end.   As a reminder there is still time to download, print and get them into the mail if doing any cards/notes/letters.   Have fun with the napkin rings and the Thankful notes place cards one could have at the Thanksgiving dining table, have everyone fill out and then include with your scrapbook or mail to those not with you that day.

Wishing you a Thankful Thursday!

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Thankful Stationery Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Image shown upper left today is from Dreamstime entitled Thanksgiving theme:  © Lindwa |  Thanksgiving Theme Photo

Image above of six of the Thanksgiving stationery downloadable at MintPrintables Thanksgiving Stationery & Envelopes  free printable thanksgiving notes template  @getbuttonedup blog post  Time for tea & sending out Thanksgiving cards/notes/letters November 18, 2015, written by Helen Rittersporn.




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