‘Writing Letters of Kindness to the Elderly’

“Writing Letters of Kindness to the Elderly” is a 21-day kindness challenge beginning at the end of January.

It is being hosted by Love for the Elderly – which encourages people to anonymously write letters of kindness; at the time the nonprofit organization was founded in 2013 by Jacob Cramer, he was 13 years old – he is now 15.

Love for the Elderly is an organization that “collects handwritten letters with messages of love and kindness and distributes them to nursing homes across the country.”

From Examples of letters received at Love for the Elderly website.

From their website“Love For The Elderly donates cards and letters to various nursing homes, hospices, and assisted living facilities, where they are then distributed to seniors who are in need of a little extra love.. Letters come from all over the world; some close to the Cleveland suburbs where Love For The Elderly began, and some as far away as Australia! Romania, Sweden, Germany, Iceland; you name it! Jacob has received and distributed over 10,000 heartfelt letters of love and compassion from over 40 different countries! Join Jacob’s movement of kindness! Write a letter today!”

On the Write a Letter page the instructions include making sure cards/letters are legible, they are preferred to be in English, but Italian, German, Spanish, or Hebrew are accepted, the Cleveland address of where to send them is included and to include your return address on your package.   The Examples gallery shows a wide range of the letters handwritten and hand printed that they have received.   They even offer “Class Projects” to encourage youth in schools to write letters!  If you are looking for a community service project in 2016 this may be an option to consider.

Upcoming “Writing Letters of Kindness to the Elderly” 21-day letterwriting kindness challenge begins January 30, 2016

twitterLoveForTheElderly21daychallengeInJanuaryTiming is everything and over at KindSpring beginning January 30th there is a 21-day kindness challenge for “Writing Letters of Kindness to the Elderly” being hosted by Love for the Elderly with the Challenge Host Jacob Cramer.  All of the details and sign up are at this link.


And there is this TEDx Talks from this month

Perhaps the idea will inspire you to modify and have one of your own with a local group you participate and volunteer.   The exciting thing is there is plenty of time to plan for participating in this upcoming 21 day challenge if you are looking for a different start to the new year!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

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Image above from Twitter stream December 28, 2015 @lovefortheelderly 

YouTube: Embracing the Elderly | Jacob Cramer | TEDxClevelandStateUniversity  posted by TEDx Talks

KindSpring challenge start date January 30, 2016 Join ‘Writing Letters of Kindness to the Elderly’ @Kind_Spring 




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