“Fun Snail Mail Ideas”

“Fun Snail Mail Ideas” by Jenna Templeton is today’s blog post as we wrap up the week on this Friday, January 29th.    The creativity and uniqueness and fun of Jenna Templeton’s DIY KIOSK site is a joy to blog about today.

“Fun Snail Mail Ideas”

From her blog site Jenna Templeton describes herself as “a craft-based creative, writer + designer living in the lower Blue Mountains of Sydney Australia.”

In her blog post back in June last year she has some really great ideas shared in her “DIY: Fun Snail Mail Ideas”.  She shares 4 fun was to decorate mail.  And one of the things I love is how easy it is to adapt it to what you already have on hand (in most cases) in your home!

In addition to the blog post there is Happy Mail Day your visual guide to decorating envelopes, mail art, making themed kits, handmade stationery, papercraft techniques, DIYs and penning a letter.  Also inside – envelope template, seals and labels to make your own Happy Mail Day themed mail art!”

Happy Mail Day Zine by Jenna Templeton – you can click on the image and it will take you to her shop

Her site includes craft based tutorials and DIY KIOSK Projects, which “Fun Snail Mail Ideas” is included.   Others include DIY Fairy Bread Pinata, DIY Stationery Box, DIY Sprinkle Photo Wall, DIY Froot Loop Bracelets, and DIY Garage Sale Zine, be sure to visit the portfolio page.

It has been fun to discover her craft blog site and according to her Twitter stream her DIY KIOSK is almost one year old!    It is so much fun to find someone else who started their blog around the same time frame as me (sounds like within a month) and will definitely have to write her a real snail mail and send in a Congratulations card!

Hope your week has ended on a great note! Join me tomorrow as it’s the weekend and it will include my Saturday blog post (and followed on Sunday with my Sunday blog post!)

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Jenna Templeton with diykiosk.com.au.

Image above upper left and above from diykiosk.com.au  ; excerpt from DIY: Fun Snail Mail Ideas June 21, 2015 by Jenna Templeton @mylifeasatweet



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