Making our own envelopes

Today we are looking at making our own envelopes.

If I were to say “And the envelope please…” for me it conjures up the Academy Awards or other big award events
where the winner about to be announced
is written beautifully on a card always bound inside an envelope, awaiting to be opened!

Several scrapbook friends of mine have mastered making their own envelopes to fit any size card they have on hand or to about to create a custom size.   My dear friend Shelly at Scrap and Design makes beautiful envelopes!  Shelly is the designer for the exclusive design of the Anchored Scraps Correspondence Hat box introduced last April.

Making our own envelopes

This short video on making our own envelopes is very informative and includes demonstrating how to alter a pre made envelope to fit one you have on hand.  One of the things I love about this video is that she does not use a ruler so no measuring just how to make one with very simple how-to examples.

At one of the dollar stores yesterday I saw the range of Valentine’s Day cards already on the shelves and noticed how small some of the envelopes are – and made a note to myself I would probably double envelope to have what is sent in the mail a standard size so not to have to incur additional postage rates.  Back on April 11, 2015 in my blog post Postage Due it includes the sizing guidelines for envelopes:   “…You will also want to pay  attention for square envelopes –  when out buying a square card you may notice that they come with a rectangular envelope that do not require additional postage.  It is not because they did not want to make a square envelope – it is because they are trying to help you not pay more postage.  Here is a link to the U.S.P.S. Nonmachinable surcharge criteria.”

Wishing you a lot of fun as we add this skill set to our correspondence tool kit – who knew we would be making our own envelopes?!
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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today — 

Image shown upper left taken by Helen Rittersporn – it is of a custom envelope with card made for AnchoredScraps by Shelly Holt, owner of Scrap and Design.

Scrap and Design offers a variety of scrapbook and card making classes in Wilmington, N.C.   Thank you to Shelly for the continued beautiful cards designed and exclusive Anchored Scraps Correspondence Hat box designs.

YouTube How To Make Your Own Envelopes and Alter Pre Made Ones To Fit! posted by Holly Young of Hog Wild About Stamping.   Thank you to Holly for taking the time to produce her video showing real examples in easy to follow steps. blog post excerpt from Postage Due April 11, 2015 and The Anchored Scraps Correspondence Hat box April 30, 2015 both written by Helen Rittersporn

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