National Handwriting Day 2016

National Handwriting Day 2016

On this cold and wet Saturday you may be finding yourself reading this blog post using battery power or handwriting a letter by candlelight due to a winter storm!  You may not have perfect penmanship but it is yours and believe me people that you write do recognize it when they receive mail from you.


National Handwriting Day 2016

Today is National Handwriting Day 2016, the unofficial holiday was established in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association.   The day January 23 was chosen because of it being John Hancock’s birthday and because he was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.  This means the day can be on a Saturday like today and not just on a week day.
National-Handwriting-Day-January-23Just as we have the greeting card industry promoting different holidays during the year, we have the writing Instrument Manufacturers Association promoting the consumption of pens, pencils, and writing paper encouraging “all to re-explore the purity and power of handwriting.”

Some of the fun things I came across are the following:

WillYouSignHereJohnHancockCovero We cannot have a mention of John Hancock’s birthday without referencing a book about him.  One that I came across that I wanted to share today is “Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?” a 1976 children’s book that still gets great reviews. For anyone home schooling its cited as being a really good biography that shares what he did in his life and for the new nation.

o As part of National Handwriting Day 2016 the NY Public Library has a collection of famous scrawls from their Digital Collections of famous autographs posted on their blog from yesterday, including of course the Declaration of Independence with John Hancock’s larger than life signature and includes Josephine Baker, Elizabeth I, and Walt Whitman.

o There is a wonderful ‘Tips for mathematical handwriting’ that is a nice primer worth printing out.

o The “Cursive Is Cool” is having a contest from today, January 23 to March 18 for students.
StationeryWeekTwitterJan232016o There is a Press Release from Pilot Pen that invites us to their 10 Day Handwriting Challenge.  Please note in the Press release itself I cannot get their link to take me take me to the challenge itself to work.
“The Pilot Pen 10 Day Handwriting Challenge consists of the following:
Handwrite your favorite quote.
Handwrite and post a note to someone you miss.
Handwrite your name using both your right and left hand (try cursive for added difficulty).
Handwrite something in a different language and post it on social media.
Handwrite the chorus to your favorite song from 2015.
Handwrite your top 3 personal goals for 2016 and put it somewhere you’ll see it daily.
Handwrite a regret of yours and throw it away – it’s liberating!
Handwrite your favorite recipe and add it to your family recipe book. Share a copy with a friend.
Handwrite the final sentence from your favorite book.
Handwrite your to-do list for the week and note if you accomplish more.”
o And you will want to read from today on CNN  “Why handwriting is still important” which includes some photos of items posted today including Actor Bruce Willis having a note of “Leftie’s Unite” for southpaws.
It is a delight to see so many still encouraging handwriting and to quote the author from her article above when talking about the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association starting the holiday in 1977 “to acknowledge the history and influence of penmanship.  Its reason for being grows more urgent each year as pens, pencils and paper lose ground to the QWERTY keyboard.”  Usually I think of the QWERTY keys with my manual typewriters and had not thought of them this way.

Wishing you a Happy National Handwriting Day 2016!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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