Joys of February Mail

Joys of February Mail!  Today’s blog post is short and sweet and celebrates the Joys of February Mail.     Among the snail mails received yesterday was included a Scooby-Doo Valentine complete with lollipops!

There is something about having trudged through the cold wet weather to make a trip to the mailbox and when opening it to be greeted with real mail that warms the heart.   What a delight it has been these past two weeks to be greeted with snail mails from friends and family!  And to now have Valentine’s mixed within the letters is extra fun!

“One of the pleasures of reading old letters is the knowledge that they need no answer.”
– Lord Byron


Joys of February Mail

dreamstime_xs_35438142_squareTo then get in the door with arms full with letters and to be able to use the letter opener and enjoy the reading and re-reading the sentiments continues the joyful experience.    And there is the joy of sitting down to reply and get my reply notes back into the mail post-haste is part of the fun!  If I’m able to have truly paused it will include having a cup of hot tea in a favorite tea cup & its saucer along side opening the mail and writing letters of reply.

It reminds me there is still time to get into the mail tomorrow a Valentine’s Day note/card/letter.  Think of this as “last call” for getting our Valentine’s Day cards out tomorrow – we’ll be glad our good intentions were followed through and were dropped into the mail complete with being date stamped!

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