Thank a Mailman Day

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Thank a Mailman Day
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Today is Thank a Mailman Day!  It is an opportunity to thank the person who delivers our mail six days a week.  It is held on February 4th each year.

Thank a Mailman Day

Think of some of the fictional postal characters we’ve known:  Cliff Clavin with Cheers; Newman with Seinfeld; and Mr. Wilson – from Dennis the Menace (I did not realize he was a retired mail carrier); Sam Drucker from Petticoat JunctionGreen Acres (he ran a post office in his general store); and of course Mr. Zip with the United States Postal Service (he was blogged about here back on June 8th last year).


You will want to check out this Thank a Mailman Postcard tutorial

“Thank a Mailman Day”.  This is a great chance to say a BIG thank you to the person who braves the rain, snow and sleet to bring you your mail.” It is a nice tag with to print off and attach with ribbon to a bag of M&M’s for example.

Whether it is a treat such as linked to in the tutorial above, a warm smile, and/or a sincere Thank You be sure to take a few minutes next time you have the opportunity to see your mail carrier.   Thank you!

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