Vintage Valentines

Vintage Valentines is today’s blog post on this clear skies but cold Saturday!   If you and I were to think back to Valentine’s Day cards we would get from our family and friends from years ago some of them may now be considered Vintage Valenties!  There is a YouTube video to show examples of what are Vintage Valentines along with two books you may enjoy that I’ve included in today’s blog post.

Vintage Valentines

 Vintage_Valentine_01There is a book with a ebook available (which means you can have it now!) on Vintage Valentines: Valentine’s Day Cards, Customs, Legends & Poetry (Vintage Memories).  Its topics include Chapters on Saint Valentine, Origin of Valentine’s Day, Birds As Symbols of Love, Oldest Known Valentine’s Card, Violets, Carnations, Peonies, and Pansies.  

And there was another book, Greetings with Love: The Book of Valentines, from 2003, which explores Valentine’s Day, “collector and author Michele Karl showcases over 200 vintage valentines, complete with detailed descriptions, historical anecdotes, and innovative recipes. Also included arefun facts, folklore, poems, crafts, and other expressions of love. Lovers of all ages will delight in this book’s wealth of information and history behind our most romantic holiday.”

There we have it- see if you don’t have a few of these tied up in a bundle with ribbon somewhere in an old shoe box or in a envelope in a desk drawer in your home.  Enjoy!

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Image upper left of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920.  By Chordboard (Self, from material in my possession.) [Public domain, GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons and above of a Valentine on a swing greeting card circa 1920 by the same.

Referenced from Table of Contents – Vintage Valentines: Valentine’s Day Cards, Customs, Legends & Poetry (Vintage Memories) on Amazon

Excerpt Greetings with Love: The Book of Valentines by Michele Karl on Goodreads




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