American Graffiti Pictorial Cancel 2012

American Graffiti Pictorial Cancel 2012
“The United States Postal Service issued a Special Pictorial Cancellation and Commemorative Envelope to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the classic film, American Graffiti

I’m still remembering how wonderful it was to see American Graffiti when it first came out and can still see the movie posters advertising it.  The movie received five Academy Award nominations and “first-time nominee George Lucas made his debut at the Academy Awards.”  

In addition to the American Graffiti Pictorial Cancel 2012, I’ve also included the movie trailer from the 1973 movie and the wonderful scene with Wolfman Jack towards the end of the movie.

Here’s to dusting off our movie soundtracks of American Graffiti today along with great weather on this Saturday.  And perhaps you’ll find yourself pulling your car up to a Sonic Drive-in for lunch or dinner – enjoy!   Happy 72nd Birthday to George Lucas – Thank you for sharing your imagination all these years!

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