Green Fountain Pen Ink

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Green Fountain Pen Ink
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Green Fountain Pen Ink is today’s blog post.

I’ve recently decided to look for a green ink for my fountain pens to use with my letter writing adding to my go-to-colors of ink.

Green Fountain Pen Ink

In my quest to find a green fountain pen ink wanted to highlight these four items that stood out from the many items I looked at online.  My format for today’s daily blog post is a little different as it is in list format.

  1. Be sure to check out the recent article at with their Dark Green and Dark Teal Fountain Pen Ink Comparison. The March 1st article is a must-see & read if like me you are wanting to know more about what is available and how they compare.
    JetPensInkColorsCompare for Green Fountain Pen Ink

    From Dark Green and Dark Teal Fountain Pen Ink Comparison

  2. This video of a Melon Green color is a little over one minute to watch.
    From the description: “This is the iron gall ink for fountain pens which I manufacture. This ink was made from the high grade chemical reagent and Milli-Q ultrapure water. Immediately after writing, the brushstroke is light green, but it changes color to gradually deep green.”
  3. Get ready to have fun watching this seventeen minute video of Montblanc Irish Green fountain pen color by Stephen B.R.E. Brown; he was born in The Netherlands and has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience with one of his passions being “collecting, using, and tuning/maintaining fountain pens.”
  4. Green Fountain Pen InkAnd for the final item – there is Harmonious Green by Waterman which I’m going to be adding the mini ink cartridges for ease of use with several of my converter fountain pens.

Thank you for joining me today and have fun expanding your current fountain pen ink colors.  If you don’t have a fountain pen have fun considering adding one for your letter writing – and if you do already have a fountain pen think about adding another one!  

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