Leroy Anderson’s The Typewriter

Hearing the sounds of a symphony playing Leroy Anderson’s The Typewriter is a great way to kick off the day!

Today I’m combining hearing the sounds of “The Typewriter” in symphony with a bit of humor while reminding ourselves to get to the dentist for regular checkups.  As I was wrapping up writing today’s blog post I came across this commercial from Leroy Anderson Music and it is perfect!   While there are several performances of “The Typewriter” online the one I’m including here caught my eye for including today!

At the Leroy Anderson website there is a page of 18 rows x 3 columns grid – each filled with one of his songs with mp3 one can click on each to hear — including “The Typewriter”.  It is described as “1950 – A famous piece in which an actual typewriter is the solo “instrument”, this continues to be used as a theme on radio, usually for news broadcasts.”

If you find yourself with being able to squeeze out 8 minutes to pause from a busy day ahead – you will enjoy the mp3 Audio on Leroy Anderson; it is from 2008 at NPR music.

There are two things I wanted to mention here as we wrap up today’s blog post.  One, let’s not forget to schedule our visit to the dentist!  Two,  I’m thinking of the quick and witty pace of writing letters to this song!

In conclusion – see if we don’t find ourselves clicking on our respective mouse(s)/mieces with varying speed to accompany the song.  It is sure to bring a smile!  

Anchors Aweigh,  


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