Pokémon GO Fountain Pens & Miami Pen Show

On this Saturday morning it is Pokémon GO Fountain Pens, Miami Pen Show 2016, and yes – a YouTube on How to Play Pokémon Go! I’ve even found details on the app’s fix for the Google account scope privacy issue so “instead of potentially tapping into everything you do on Google, it can access only your Google User ID and email address.”

The Miami Pen Show is being held this weekend.  It was researching about it that led me to today’s blog post idea of the elusive POKÉMON GO Fountain Pens.

There have been new finds from searching about the 26th Annual Miami Pen Show  this weekend July 15-17.   The Miami Pen Show looks fantastic and makes me want to start planning now for 2017!

From it discovered seeing a great fountain pen themed Tshirt that @NoPenIntended is sporting at the #miamipenshow.  And the image shown upper left of the #inkfridayfun by @justvanness led me to their Vanness  Incorporated Pen store in Little Rock Arkansas.

This image from July 14 by @FountainPenDay says it all about the show.

Pokémon GO Fountain Pens

While that image from Instagram includes Pokemon Go (although handwritten) I’ve included Pokémon themed fountain pen in the following section.

Pokémon Little Tales Fountain Pen

Over at RacoonStar.com there is a blog post from February on the Pokemon Little Tales Fountain Pen.  At the Pokémon Center Online website there is a Pikachu Luxury Ballpoint Pen.  In addition there is themed stationery with notebooks, note cards, binders, notecubes.
Here are two of its photos.








The Goulet Pen Co

The Goulet Pen Co there has a video blog post from yesterday that includes a mention of Pokemon Go.  The site looks fantastic and I will be back spending some time there.

Pokémon Go 

If you have not heard on the news or read about it yet, it is important to note that there have been privacy issues. This article explains the security risks of Pokémon Go, explained.   Apparently there is now a fix – and this WIRED article has the details to fix the Google account scope.  “Now, instead of potentially tapping into everything you do on Google, it can access only your Google User ID and email address.”
Please note – 
When you read the article it includes a short video on “More People are Catching Pokemon than Dates on Tinder”  and then continue reading the article under the embedded video for the rest of the instructions for applying the fix.

With that said about privacy issues – which appear to being addressed with a fix – here is a YouTube on How to Play Pokémon Go!

Thank you for joining me today! Here’s to having a fun weekend and fun describing in future letters about Pikachu. –   It could be you will be joining a future gym team.  Who’s That Pokemon?!

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Image above by @larinavalarin #inkfridayfun winner  Vanness  Incorporated.  Pen store mostly; gift store too. Family Owned and Operated Since 1938. Little Rock Arkansas.  @Vanness1938 on Twitter; @justvanness on instagram


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