The Original TYPE-O-MATIC hand typed letters

We are kicking off the new week with looking at The Original TYPE-O-MATIC hand typed letters service.    

It is promoted as “…the only confidential, hand-typed transcription and postal service with online ordering – on the planet.”

From the TYPE-O-MATIC website:

“It could’t be simpler

  • Feed text into the Type-O-Matic Order Form.
  • To submit, go to our secure checkout. Price of £9.50 includes typing up to 200 words, envelope and First Class post or Air Mail outside UK
  • Then let Type-O-Matic lovingly craft your words. Your letter will arrive within days.”

Be sure to check out the Type-O-Matic Frequently Asked Questions page.  The TYPE-O-MATIC Order Form is included at the bottom of the home page.

It includes “What will my letter look like?”

“Type-O-Matic currently uses white watermarked Three Candlesticks or Basildon Bond heavyweight writing paper. Size: 229mm x 178mm. Peel and stick watermarked envelope size: 89mm x 187mm. Definitive issue stamp(s) to cover postage and Air Mail sticker if sent outside the UK.” <-End of excerpt

Thank you for joining me today.  I’m very interested in trying out this service!  

Anchors Aweigh,  


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