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As we kick-off this Friday morning heading into the weekend today’s blog post is on the SnapShot Postcard Mobile Device Service.   For even the most frugal-budget-minded-of-us you will enjoy reading sending the first card is FREE!

I’m including a link to a recent article over at Digital Photography Review DP Review from July 04, 2016. The article is entitled You’ve got mail: Five photo postcard apps tested.   SnapShot Postcard had several mentions in the article.   It pointed out “Snapshot Postcard is the only one of the apps that gives you the ability to set a return address.”   It is one of three Apps listed in that article for Free.  In addition to SnapShot postcard there is Postagram, and Ink.      

You will find several articles posted on the SnapShot Postcard at their Press page.

“As I mention above, SnapShot Postcard allows you to send your first card free of charge. So head to the app store of your choice and download it today:

From ShapShot Home Page

“Share the memories stored in your photos by sending custom picture postcards.”

“With SnapShot Postcard, you build your own postcard right on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device. It’s memorable and fun for family and friends to get a SnapShot Postcard in their mailbox and display on their fridge!!”

The Android and iPhone app is available for downloading.

They offer the “First card is FREE!”

The site includes this YouTube on How to Use SnapshotPostcard

Have fun trying out the service.  Something tells me I’ll be sending one with a image of our puppy Cooper this weekend!  Join me tomorrow for my Saturday blog post.  Enjoy!
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