Bullet Journal – analog system for digital age

Today’s blog post encourages us to put pen to paper and learn about the Bullet Journal – analog system for digital age.  

Happy Thursday! We are half-way into September and with it the timing for receiving a snail mail earlier this week on the Bullet Journal is excellent!

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper clipping included pictures in the article that had me hooked immediately that it is blog sharing worthy!

“Its devotees call it something between a diary, a wish list and a to-do list. It isn’t fancy; it isn’t technological, but that is the point. The act of writing something down, as opposed to interacting with a screen, helps people stay and feel organized.”

Over at inc.com they describe the background and work already well underway:  This the Most Perfect Method for Staying Organized?

Bullet Journal developed by Ryder Carroll

First of all – we will be rounding up a notebook, pen, and ruler to use with this integrated To-Do list.   The information is provided for the flexibility to use what you already have for office supplies to ordering off their site The Notebook.

Secondly, note that the BulletJournal.com website has embedded videos making it easy to watch as well as read all about it.

Let’s Get Started!

While at the BulletJournal site be sure to check out  “The Bulletjournalist” – “a blog dedicated to all things Bullet Journal, Productivity, paper, and simplicity.”  The range of topics is great including Weekly Food Log.

Years ago I learned the Stephen Covey 7 Habits Planner and still draw on skills learned from it.

I’m excited to try out the Bullet Journal here shortly as it looks fully integrated.

Special thanks to my friend who sent me her hand written fold-over stationery note with Wall Street Journal newspaper clipping inspiring today’s blog topic!   Here’s to getting out paper and pen and moving forward!  Enjoy!

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Bullet Journal – analog system for digital age Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

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Inc.com  This the Most Perfect Method for Staying Organized?  “Ryder Carroll, the designer of the popular Bullet Journal, explains how he spent 20 years developing the perfect to-do list.”
By Anna Hensel, Assistant editor, Inc.



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