Fall 2016 Fountain Pen Show Schedule

With the Dallas Pen Show this weekend it is great timing to share the Fall 2016 Fountain Pen Show Schedule.   If you have ever toyed with the idea of going to a fountain pen show they are a lot of fun!

One of the time splurges for me when letter writing is to use one of my four fountain pens.  Another time splurge if I really want to “pull out all the stoppers” as the expression goes I will then use my letter sealing wax as a finishing touch.

On this Saturday, we are looking at the Fall 2016 Fountain Pen Show Schedule.   There is a very thorough U. S. Pen Show Calendar listing from the 2016 Dallas Pen Show Pen Links.  It shows two upcoming Pen Shows in October and one in November.    October 7, 8, 9 in Colorado; October 14 & 15 in Michigan; and November 10-13 in Columbus.  It also shows 2017 calendar entries too.

The Dallas Pen Show September 23&24 is showing a listing of wonderful collections of Vendors, Patrons, and Special Features including Vintage pen repairs, Silent auction, and Knowledgeable collectors of vintage pens.

For 2017 I’m already looking ahead to determine which Pen Show to plan to attend! Who knows perhaps you too may find yourself wanting to plan a similar road trip!   

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