Love Letters to the Monkees book

With today being the day the TV show ‘The Monkees” first debuted our daily blog post today is Love Letters to the Monkees book.   

Last week we celebrated on September 8th the 50th Anniversary of the Star Trek TV series first airing with the 1968 Save Star Trek Letter Writing Campaign.  Today marks 50 years from the first episode of the ‘The Monkees’ TV show on NBC TV in America.  Get your cup of coffee, hot tea, or diet coke and enjoy this bit of whimsy as we kick off the new week here at!

MONKEES 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2016, You can click on this image and it will take you to the tour dates information.

The Monkees 50th Anniversary Tour is underway through October 29.   There is an article from May 20 at the on The Monkees launching 50th Anniversary Tour.

Love Letters to the Monkees book

I’ve been able to locate a used copy of the 1967 Love Letters to the Monkees book by Bill Adler.  If the Authors name sounds familiar my blog post, “Letters from Camp”  included “Letters from Camp” by Bill Adler (1962).   

Given I’ve just ordered the book I’ll be sure to circle back at a future Anchored Scraps Mail Bag here and share some of my favorite selections from the book.

NPR Story on My First Crush: A Love Letter To Dave Jones

It is a small world in discovering someone who wrote about having written a letter to Davy Jones.   Over at NPR there is a story from 2012 My First Crush: A Love Letter To Dave Jones.  Kitty Eisele includes in her story Davy Jones on the Brady Bunch episode.  Trust me if you grew up at this time you saw that episode!

The YouTube I’m including I had already selected to include today prior to coming across Ms. Eisele’s article so it is perfect it is the same song.

Thank you for joining me today! While I dash off an early morning letter today I will be playing this song (more than once!).

Here’s to a great week ahead with making the time to get some letters written and PUT INTO THE MAIL! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


Love Letters to the Monkees book Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today –

Image above upper left GoodReads Love Letters to the Monkees Mass Market Paperback – January 02, 1967 by Bill Adler (Compiler), Jack Davis (Illustrator)

September 12, 1966 Today in Rock Music History – ‘The Monkees’ TV show debuts on NBC TV in America Hey, hey, we’re STILL The Monkees: Surviving band members launch 50th anniversary tour  By Charlie Moore for MailOnline  Published May 20, 2016



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