Unique Seeded Plant it cards that Grow

Today we are looking at the Unique Seeded Plant it cards that Grow.

It is paper that grows into flowers!   The image shown is the Beach Line Anchor® that I picked up recently at a gift shop out of town.

With a friend receiving one of these cards from me we are looking at actually planting them in the spring.   What is fun is realizing that if the note you write on is going to be planted then I actually found myself writing a second note so there was a kind of souvenir to keep afterward!

Seeded Card Flyer from keepsakestones.com. Clicking on this image takes you to the flyer.

The Plant-it® card is “embedded with a hearty mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds.”  Instructions call for planting it under a thin layer of soil and watering thoroughly.   On the insert it shows Distributed in the US:  Alan Designs, Inc.; Distributed in the UK: Oakthrift Corporation.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.  It has been a uplifting afternoon of  letter writing.

Join me for my blog post tomorrow as we kick-off the new week here at AnchoredScraps.com.

Anchors Aweigh,  


Unique Seeded Plant it cards that Grow  Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Image above Beach Line Anchor®, and Seeded Card Flyer KeepSakeStones.com

Link to Oakthrift Corporation.



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